Hi, I am Bernadette Lee, but everyone calls me Bernie. I started Art From Architecture in 2015, after almost thirty years as a fine wine professional. A permanent shoulder injury left me unable to lift cases of wine, but I was still able to lift a pen and paintbrush. My previous hobby of painting landscapes, and drawing custom home portraits, has evolved into a passion for creating lasting memories of places that people hold close to their heart. 

I draw and paint in an "Old School style", without the use of Photoshop. After the drawing is rendered in pencil, it is then drawn with pen and ink, and finished in watercolor. The finely detailed iconic scenes and stadiums take from five days to two weeks to complete.

...and now for "New School"...Crazy as it sounds, I recently created a new medium using the memo app on my 2.5 x 3.5 inch cell phone screen and drawing with my fingertip. Sure, I could use a stylus and an iPad, but I like the challenge of seeing where the color will land on the tiny screen using the pad of my finger, and I always have this easel and paint in my pocket. Besides, what's the point of an iPad and stylus, when I could create the same large size with a canvas and paintbrush? Detailed images can take up to three hours to complete. I've learned never to have coffee before I draw on my cell. Turbulence on airplanes, is also a challenge. After it is finished, I "Share" it to my printer for enlarging and printing. I am limited to 8 colors with this app, that came preloaded on my Android phone. The prints have brightened many homes in the past year, since I started selling them. Check them out under the Cellphone Fingertip Drawings tab